Travel Isn’t Such A Drag When You Buy Resistance Bands

Travel Isn’t Such A Drag When You Buy Resistance Bands

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My fitness is important to me, but I need to travel a lot for business. These two things rarely go well together. For one thing my diet always suffers when I’m travelling. Hotel rooms don’t provide cooking equipment, so I have to eat out.

On a good trip I’ll get a complimentary meal at a nice restaurant, but this is quite rare. If not then I usually head towards the junk food palaces. I find it quite depressing to get a table for one in a nice restaurant, whereas sitting in a fast food place with a book doesn’t seem so bad.

There’s not a whole lot I can do about this other than do my best to eat healthily. The fact is that most junk food places have some healthy options on the menu these days.

Another problem with being away from home is that exercising becomes much more difficult. A few hotels have gyms, but not all that many. Even if there is a gym in the hotel it tends to be small and poorly equipped. Really not the kind of place I’d choose to work out.

I could always get a guest pass at a nearby gym, but this isn’t an ideal solution either. For one thing, it takes time to find a gym in an unfamiliar area. Gyms are rarely out on the main roads, which makes them difficult for a non-local to find.

Another reason this isn’t a great option is the price. Signing up as a regular member of a gym is relatively affordable, although I still prefer to spend my money on home fitness equipment. But signing up as a guest at different gyms around the country works out very expensive.

Working out in my hotel room becomes the only option left. Do as many press-ups as I can and hope that it’s enough. About as good as the other options we’ve examined. At home I do a full weight training session three times a week, so I’ll be lucky if press-ups and sit-ups are enough to maintain my gains.

I was complaining about this on the internet, and a guy told me to buy resistance bands. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they are essentially giant rubber bands. You pull on them and they provide resistance, which allows you to do weight training without the weights!

I picked up a full set of resistance bands off the internet, and they’re compact and light enough to chuck into my suitcase, but I can still get a varied and intense workout out of them. In fact I’ve even started using the resistance bands at home some times!

If you travel, or if you don’t have the space for a weight set (or if you just want to try something slightly different) then a set of resistance bands will do wonders for your work-outs.

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