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Whitish actually normal for a woman, such as when you are in the fertile period, breastfeeding is in a period or in a state of arousal. At the time of being pregnant, the smell of vaginal discharge can turn, also depends on the cleanliness of your sex organs.

There are times when a woman has abnormal vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal discharge what causes this?

Changes in the balance of bacteria in the vagina may affect the color, odor and texture of vaginal discharge. Here are some conditions that can cause changes in the balance of bacteria and the levels (pH), acidic vagina:
The use of antibiotics and steroids long enough to cause bacteria to “good” guards dead vaginal pH and fungi flourish.

Bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial infection that often occurs in pregnant women or in women who have many sexual partners
Use of birth control pills because the hormone balance is affected and there is an imbalance of pH

cervical cancer
Chlamydia, gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted infection
Uncontrolled diabetes so that high sugar levels lead to the existence of sugar in the urine and blood and cause bacteria to flourish.
The use of vaginal washing soap for disturbing the pH balance of the vagina

Pelvic infection after surgery
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Trichomoniasis, a parasitic infection that is usually due to unsafe sex
Vaginal atrophy, vaginal wall thinning and dryness due to menopause
Vaginitis, a condition of inflammation and irritation around the vagina
fungal infections

Well, the above is the cause of abnormal vaginal discharge that often occurs in women.

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