Acne and Low Glycemic Diet.

Acne and Low Glycemic Diet.

There is a very strong link between acne and diet. The prevalence of acne, a distressing skin condition, is very high. On average it is as high as 79 to 85% in adolescents and 40 to 54% in people aged 25 and older. In middle age 3% of men and 12% of women have acne.

No one knows the true cause of acne. The fact that there is a lower incidence of acne in non-Western countries raises the possibility of a link between acne and low carbohydrate intake. The theory is that high carbohydrate intake causes raised Insulin level (Hyperinsulinemia). Insulinaemia affects growth factor and androgenic hormones. These hormones are implicated in acne.

Dr. Robin. N. Smith and colleagues, in a study, used randomised low glycemic load diet and a control diet that was rich in carbohydrates. The low glycemic load diet had 45% energy from low glycemic Index carbohydrate and 25% from protein. The study included 45 male adults between 15 and 24. The study was carried out at the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. This randomised controlled trial was the first to examine what effects glycaemic load had on acne. In the July issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the published results showed that there was significant reduction of acne in the low glycemic diet group as compared to the group on carbohydrate rich food. So for acne, low Glycemic food is the Good Health Option.

Dr. Smith and his colleagues, in a press release, said, “Although we could not isolate the effect of the low glycemic load diet from that of weight loss, the findings support the hypothesis of a relationship between high insulin levels and acne.”

Food with low glycemic Index are rich in complex carbohydrates. Consequently, glucose is released slowly. If sugar is released slowly into the blood, the demand on Insulin is less. Circulating blood sugar is controlled by Insulin. It also affects sex and growth hormones.

To assess the Glycemic Index of foods, the blood sugar level is monitored after that food is eaten.

Low Glycemic Index (LGI): 55 and lower.

Medium Glycemic Index (MGI): 56 to 69.

High Glycemic Index (HGI): 70 +

HGI (High Glycemic Index) Foods. Pretzels 83 Rice Cakes 87 Glutinous Rice 86 Short Grain White Rice 83 Tapioca 70 Scones 92 Fresh Mashed Potatoes 73 French Fries 75 Donuts 76 Instant Mashed Potatoes 80 Watermelon 80 Dates 103 Instant White Rice 87

So Reject white bread, burgers, and French fries and eat more beans and cereals to keep those zits away or under your control.

For good health, low stress and clear skin maintain a low glycemic diet.