By knowing the causes and proper guidance can minimize the hair Loss.

By knowing the causes and proper guidance can minimize the hair Loss.
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Hair loss is the commonly seen problem all over the world. Some amount of about 50 to 100 is the normal range of hair loss in a day but when the range exceed from this, it means there is some wrong with the hairs. There are certain Causes of hair loss for this as sever medication and chemotherapy for fatal diseases like cancers, radiation, and use of intense chemicals, hormonal misbalance, thyroid and skin disorder or may be the very important stress.

In general cases hair is for a short period of time but it can be permanent depends upon the cause and sheerness of problem.

Some of the major causes of hair loss are discussed here:

Hormones have the general control of our body and any problem with these hormones can cause some sever problems. Hair lossis also affected by it. It is not only the hair lossbut thinning of hairs can be due to this. This hair thinning is observed both in men and women but the ratio is high in men. As you can see that the hairs from forehead slowly or some time rapidly disappeared and reaches to the crown. Sometimes women also suffer from this thinning hair but there is no specific pattern in females.

The thinning of hair is caused by the androgen DHT or Dihydrotesterone. The solution for this problem is anti androgen. By taking the treatment, this problem can be solved.

The very specific causes of hair loss in is pregnancy and after that child birth. The weak females can have excessive hair loss during pregnancy that is actually not happened in general. After the birth of baby, when the mothers feed their babies, then this hair loss is observed. But the good news is that it is temporary. When the baby stops taking mother feed then this excessive hair falls finished.

Another cause related to hair loss is the family planning. The women with already having problem with Androgenic Alopecia use birth control pills in early age, usually suffer from the hair fall. Actually hormonal changes activate this Androgenic Alopecia problem.

The intake of things like balanced diet is at the top of list with respect to the health and hair growth or lossis not out of the question. Balance diet that contains all the important nutrients in the right amount is very essential for the hair growth. If there is a case of malnutrition, then it can cause the hair fall. If your hair is braking very easily then it is obvious that there is some problem with your diet. This can be solved by taking care of balanced diet.

Iron is very important for strong body. Our body cannot perform well with the deficiency of iron. Hair losscan be accreting due to deficiency of iron. If you are unaware of this then a simple test recommended by the doctor can be detected. Then add some iron rich ingredients in your diet and get rid of the problem.

Long term sever illness can be another Causes of hair loss of the problem. In Asian countries, the people who suffer from illness like typhoid are the general victim of the excessive hair fall. But it is may be temporary and when patient get healthier, this problem is automatically come to an end.

Hair loss problem can be overcome by taking good diet and proper medication.