Looking for information on how to treat yeast infections? You're not alone!

Looking for information on how to treat yeast infections? You're not alone!

These infections are caused by what is known as Candida albicans, which is a fungus that lives in your body. However, in some cases, the body can turn into a great environment for this fungus, which causes more growth to occur, leading to what is known as a yeast infection.

A few of the symptoms include burning and itching, with discharge that looks a bit like cottage cheese, irritation, and redness in the general area. These infections can be quite uncomfortable, so more than likely you are going to want to know how to treat it, and quickly. The following are a few steps that can help you treat and get rid of the infection.

Step #1 - Eat Plain Yogurt - Go to your local grocery store and purchase some plain yogurt. Make sure that it has active cultures in it, including bifidus and acidophilus. These bacterial cultures help to get rid of yeast. You can also use the yogurt topically by applying it in the vagina as well.

Step #2 - Take Supplements - There are also supplements that contain acidophilus as well. If you don''t like yogurt or you just want to give your body an extra boost, consider purchasing and taking these supplements to help out. Make sure you read the bottle and take the supplements only as directed.

Step #3 - Douche with Vinegar and Water - When you are looking for information on how to treat yeast infections and you''re dealing with an active infection, you should douche every day with a mixture of vinegar and water. You''ll need between 1-3 tablespoons of vinegar in about a quart of water. Once you make the mixture, douche with it and continue this each day for about a week. It has helped many women get rid of this infection.

Step #4 - Stop Eating Sugar - Another important step to remember is to stop eating sugar. You see, sugar actually feeds the yeast in your body, making the infection even worse. So stop eating sugar and try to stay away from sugary foods as well.

Step #5 - Gentian Violet - Gentian violet can also be used to help treat your yeast infection. You can pick it up at most pharmacies and it has been used for years to help treat yeast and other infections as well. A couple times a day you should swab it onto the area that is affected by the infection. However, make sure you use pads as protection, since gentian violet tends to stain.

So, if you have been wondering how to treat yeast infections, each of these steps can really help you out.

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