Sterilizing Medical Equipment Correctly

Sterilizing Medical Equipment Correctly

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If you are a doctor, nurse or any other type of health professional, you realize the importance of properly sterilizing medical equipment. Many clinics and hospitals use medical equipment repeatedly, so it is important to a future patent’s health that all of the contaminants are off of the medical instruments. Most medical facilities use an autoclave sterilizer to sterilize their medical equipment. This machine subjects the instruments to continuous steams of extremely hot fog to sterilize them and is used in a lot of other types of industries, including beauty parlors, tattoo shops and vet clinics. Despite the effectiveness of an autoclave, the machine must be used correctly to insure a complete sterilization of the medical tools.

Allegro Medical, a leading provider of medical equipment online, knows that a patient’s safety and wellbeing is of utter importance to a health professional. This is why they want to provide an article on the correct way to use an autoclave.

The first thing that you need to do to make sure that you are doing everything correctly is to thoroughly read the autoclave’s instruction manuals so you know how to clean and lubricate all of the instruments properly.

After you have carefully read all of the manuals and pamphlets, you can then go ahead and start removing all of the residue on the instruments. Damage can happen to the sterilizer if any residue, excess moisture or mineral deposits are still left on the medical equipment. Be sure to thoroughly clean the instruments using an ultrasonic cleaning system so that you can remove any contaminants that may still be on the instruments after the initial cleaning process. When the ultrasonic process is complete, rinse the instruments on water for 30 seconds and gently pat dry with a clean towel.

Put the medical equipment in the autoclave in an open position. Put a sterilization indication on each of the trays or in each of the wrapped packs and make sure that none of the instruments are touching one another when they are in the autoclave. If sterilizing canisters, you need to insert them into the autoclave machine upside-down to avoid the possibility of water accumulation.

Be sure to leave at least one inch of space between the trays of the autoclave to allow the steam to properly circulate throughout the autoclave’s interior and correctly sterilize the medical equipment.

You will also need to wrap a porous material around each of the packs that will enable the steam to properly circulate around the instruments. Check the autoclave’s info pamphlet to see if the company that makes the machine also provides paper, towels, bags or any other item that is compatible with the sterilizer.

Now that you know how to properly sterilize medical equipment, you will be able to offer your customers a clean and sanitized environment where they will not get sick. It is vital that you know how to work and operate the autoclave machine properly because you need to know that all of your medical instruments and tools are thoroughly sterilized. If they are not, you can risk getting your patients sick.

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